About Colossus Games

Colossus Games is a company that designs and develops high-quality and long board games, founded in 2024 by long time friends and cousins Flo de Haan and Gerart de Haan in The Hague, The Netherlands.

We share a passion for multi-layered strategy board games that revolve around history. We have been playing games and working together for decades in a complementary and multidisciplinary way.

As a team, we strike a fine balance between being creative, analytical, thoughtful, independent-minded, highly driven and unconventional.

We set the bar very high, take our time, and do not stop until we deliver the highest quality possible. We have learned that the devil is always in the details, and act accordingly.


The main focus of Colossus Games is the design and development of Mega Empires, the largest modular board game in the world in terms of player count, board size, components and game time.

Mega Empires

Former editions of this game were published as Mega Civilization, Western Empires and Eastern Empires (combined as Mega Empires) by 999 Games between 2015 and 2021. In 2024 Colossus Games announced a new partnership with Ares Games, well known for War of the Ring.

Under this new partnership Ares Games will publish revised editions of Western and Eastern Empires, rebranded as MEGA EMPIRES: THE WEST and MEGA EMPIRES: THE EAST.

But it won't stop there, as new editions have been announced with new maps, new features and new components. To read more about the game, visit the links below.